Great responses to dogboarding

I posted my latest video to reddit as I do once in a while, but this time it actually got quite a few hits. I’ve had over 300 views so far on my skate filming setup I’ve been linking to explaining how I made the gopro hd pole mount. I’m not sure if my entire site has even been viewed 300 times haha. I appear to be the number one result on a youtube search for dogboarding at this point as well, which is pretty cool.

I got a request for more pictures of Pretty, my female catahoula who pulls me like a champ whether I like it or not so here we go:

Here she is about when i first got her, before I decided I didn’t want to smell like dog when I woke up and started booting her off the bed.

Here she is more recently on the bed she destroyed 12 hours later.

Now she is back to sleeping behind my bed. Note the grey hairs around her mouth after all of 4 years, poor old girl…

I figured it was a fair request. In the dogboarding videos you mostly just see my beard and a dog butt.

Thanks for all the kind words folks.


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