Dogboarding pics/vids megapost

Well here they are, all my past pictures and videos of dogboarding behind Pretty. Once in awhile I will add more, depending on how lazy I am and if I get good enough to warrant adding something new. The harness(x-back type) and bungee leash are from and I’ve been pretty happy with them. I found a few cheaper places after the fact, but what’s 10 bucks in the long run. When I originally called up to order they were very helpful with explaining how to properly measure my dog, and it fit well on arrival. I ordered some stuff for my roomie more recently from the discount section of and was very happy with their service as well, and the prices were way cheaper thanks to being discounted.

Most of a run around the block, shot from my crappy old Palm Centro phone in 3 parts:

Skating in the rain:

Skating in the snow, though you can’t really tell:

Picture of her built in leash storage:

Meh pic of her pulling me:

Not that bad injury of mine thanks to Pretty:

Me on my old moose drop deck in my old neighborhood:

Here she is getting freaked out by some classy greyhound statues near my aunt’s place in Portland, Texas. She growled and barked for awhile haha:

I guess i’ll round it out with a picture of her not pulling, so people won’t think all I do is keep her caged til I’m ready to be pulled around the neighborhood.


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