Just before 2010

I originally got ninjabortion.com wanting to do webcomics or something, and maybe offer shirts with my goofy logo. That may or may not ever happen, but them’s the breaks. I just figured out I can make my twitter junk show up on the right hand side which is cool, I guess I can try to consolidate twitpic/vid posts into some sort of category here once in awhile in the form of a megapost being all BLAM THESE ARE MY DOGBOARDING VIDS SO FAR or some such. Would be way better than sifting through my youtube/twitpic/twitvid finding whatever.

I watched Pen Ward draw again tonight on utsream which was as entertaining as last time. I was still doing my work of course, but it is amusing to me that I was watching someone else work while at work. The highlight of the ordeal was when the security guard walked by doing his rounds and was thereby watching me work while I watched someone else work. Pen put on some classic love line which rocked, makes me miss Adam Carolla. I guess i’ll check out his podcast and see if that does the trick. I somehow got into Marc Maron’s podcast (wtfpod.com) and have been digging it, so maybe this will pass the time as well. I’ve never really gotten into podcasts because I don’t commute far or anything. It seems like i’ve been overloaded by media lately and i’m already trying to figure out just how much of my time I want to spend reading news and webcomics and junk on google reader, so we’ll see if I can really handle more information thrown at me.


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